Organic Ingredients

INGREDIENT FACTS- The highest quality obtainable were used. They are:

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is used in the manufacture of Sophisticated Syrups for multiple reasons.  It is considered hypoallergenic and safe for food and cosmetic purposes. It has a richly flowing texture and is soluble in water. It has a slightly sweet taste of its own and lends itself naturally to inclusion in a syrup/liquid sweetener. Because it is a humectant it aids in hydration too and is used in low-carb products to retain moisture. It adds stability to our recipe and; therefore no refrigeration is necessary for Sophisticated Syrups.

The glycerin we use is sourced from soy beans and is USP/food grade.  It is highly purified and has no estrogenic qualities for those to whom that that might be of concern.  It is becoming increasingly popular as a healthy food additive and is included in many items found in health food stores.

Glycerin is a carbohydrate but metabolically acts differently in the body. Unlike regular carbohydrates, glycerin has been shown to have much less of an impact on blood sugar levels. It’s also been demonstrated that glycerin does not affect insulin as other carbs do.

Other uses include as a soothing emollient both on the skin and in the mouth and  as an edible body rub.


Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweet substance, not a chemical or synthetic sweetener.  The word comes from the Greek word  xyl meaning wood and itol, sugar alcohol.  Molecularly it differs from other sugars in that it has 5 carbon atoms as opposed to 6. Because of this molecular difference it does not promote bacteria or fungal growth as other sugars do. Sugar feeds cancer cells – xylitol does not!!!!!

The xylitol we use in Sophisticated Syrups is sourced from organic birch trees. Its benefits include:

Low glycemic index of 7 (white sugar is 100 and agave averages 24)

Low calorie – Low Carb – Gluten Free – Non acid forming

Sweet with no aftertaste like stevia

National Institutes of Health Dental & Craniofacial Research Division studies showed daily use of xylitol helps to re-mineralize teeth and aids in preventing tooth decay

Studies done with children resulted in decreased incidence of ear infections among those who consumed xylitol on a daily basis

Filtered Water

Filtered Water-the name kinda says it all on this one

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Essential Oils/Aromatherapies that we use for flavorings are gc/ms (gas chromatography/mass spectrophotometer) tested and therapeutic grade. Each essence adds unique qualities to the syrups both in flavor and aromatic bouquet.


Love – small handcrafted batches ensure a high quality product infused with blessings & love

WHAT WE DON’T PUT IN: cheap fillers like xanthum gum, artificial flavors / flavor enhancers or artificial coloring

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